Blessings and Hilarity Ensue

My anxiety over the course of the last semester really had me clinging to my comfort zone in many ways. I spent most of it in my cozy room, happy with the constant peace. Shortly after, my serenity was put to a quick halt, causing me to realize I was using it as a shield and not experiencing enough of the world around me. It’s funny, I’m quite different than the person I was upon my arrival to Germany, it’s lovely how pushing yourself can really change everything.

The new semester brought new faces, experiences, as well as some extra dose of courage along. One way or the other, I’ve ended up socializing out pretty much every day since I got back from home. Like I mentioned earlier, I was used to comfort. Two of my favorite flatmates, sadly, had moved out, leaving me in a huge state of absolute boredom. I gave going out a shot a few times and I have to say it’s been fun. Being the designated sober friend is quite the hilarious experience if I do say so myself. I’ve been screamed at from across the street at midnight: “I LOVE YOU, BASANT!” by an emotional friend and was chased by another who ended up twisted her ankle on rubble.. Yeah, my nights have been weird.

This taught me the importance of putting yourself out there again, I had forgotten shortly after entering university how valuable taking risks is. The outcomes can be exceptionally wonderful and you never know what could happen. My anxiety has consistently tried to stop me from partaking and nothing should try and frustrate you away from doing things that could make you much happier.

Socializing March

In terms of my blog, I have to say, I have been the absolute worst at maintaining it. It’s not that I lack interest or time, I just can’t seem to be forming those sentences that get me all excited about the whole post anymore. Over the course of March, I’ve only been able to put up two posts, Happy Little Accidents and Terror. Don’t get me wrong, I am immensely happy with them, it’s just my blogging experience has been so different ever since I started. I’m going to try and put more effort and thought into my posts for the new month. Blogging is such a freeing outlet and I truly would hate to lose interest in it myself.

Blogging with music at Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert
Me with my little writer’s block

Regardless, it’s been a fantastic first month for this new semester. Though it was mostly spent on night outs and watching Korean Dramas. One productive thing I can think of was hiking up to the Drachenfels, a very old castle with a dragon tale close by where I live. The view from up there was honestly breathtaking and the most beautiful I have yet to see. Since a few of my most recent travel plans have been getting canceled, this was a nice and small change of pace that I truly enjoyed, I can’t wait for more adventures with all the lovely people I’ve been meeting as well as more stories to be told! How was your March?

This post is part of monthly blogging event, My Monthly Memories. I would absolutely love it if you would join yourself and share your latest experiences. Detailed instructions can be found here, cheers! 

My Monthly Memories

19 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories – March

    1. Thank you, I think analyzing is really important because I get to learn from my short term memories and not just the long term experiences. Thank you for participating again, always a joy on my part. See you next month!

      Basant She

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    1. Thank you so much Ben, the struggle against anxiety has been a lot better thankfully. It honestly has been making very nervous recently and my views haven’t been as good, hopefully April is a lot different! Thank you for participating, I’m always proud of your progress 🙂

      Basant She

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  1. HI… as usual , loved reading your posts.. I won’t call this a monthly memory but a monthly endeavor.. I have steeled myself to share creative works with the world and have made some posts about it.. I am self taught amateur painter and it would be a great help if you could drop by and give me your suggestions..
    Thank you


  2. Hey Basant! It was lovely reading your post for this month. I could really relate to it and I think it’s amazing that you put yourself out there and fought your anxiety. I feel like my month has been quite similar to yours in many ways 🙂

    I’ll be looking forward to more posts of yours and will be sure to participate in the event next month!


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