Anxiety, a word that I’ve grown intimate with since middle school. Panic, it’s partner in crime, they both go hand in hand in completing their dominance. Attack, their method of control, overused year after year and when I’m most vulnerable. This has been the story of my life for the past few years now, it was especially bad at the beginning of high school. I had difficulties with the little things like speaking on the phone and ordering food. I would get immensely embarrassed over little things like tripping and I remember I would actually hold in my coughs to not attract attention.

It’s something I never thought I could get over or decrease whatsoever, I was afraid it had transformed me into someone different that I would never be able to change back from. Things worked my way though, through my comedy speeches and some hard work and experimentation, I’m a lot better now. That’s why I’m writing this today, in hopes of my advice and experience helping you out, regardless of whether you have anxiety or not. I also hope to provide some advice that will be split into parts and that’s in a new direction than most guides. On with the show!

Take your Time

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Regardless of whether it’s to conquer your anxiety or not, improving yourself takes time in general. Maybe you want to be better at a particular skill or hope you stop a distinct habit? It takes time and patience and it won’t be happening in a short amount of time. I believe in you and I’m sure you can do it!

Random Acts of Kindness

RAK Message

As I previously discussed on my blog, I was going through a lot of depression and anxiety during the tenth grade. Other than me putting myself out there and running during the Student Council Elections, I made, what I still like to call, an experiment. I saw a picture of a paper that said: “hi, I find you attractive” on 9gag. I don’t know why or how I decided to do it myself and pass it around school but I am so grateful I did it.

Over the course of the day I was passing the papers around, not only did I make other people’s days, it made me twice as happy whenever I saw a smiling face. I remember students from my school were posting it all over their Instagram and Facebook accounts. It’s a feeling I will remember for an extremely long time because of how it changed my outlook on life, from that day on I swore to live by being kind, I even created a Random Acts of Kindness Committee in Student Council upon my election.  I now realize that a huge part of battling my anxiety was through performing RAKs. Studies have actually proven that being kind benefits you and can decrease anxiety. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s absolutely wonderful being kind unconditionally and more of us should do it!


Yes, the last bit of this part of the guide is to dance! If you’re ever feeling a little more anxious than you can handle or just too irritated at something going on in your life, turn your favorite song on and dance! Studies have also proven that dancing gives you a happiness boost and it really does work. It’s almost like shaking off all your worries and although it sounds a little silly, I greatly recommend it.

That’s it for this part of the guide, stay tuned for the rest.

25 thoughts on “A Guide to Decreasing Your Anxiety Part 1

  1. I love this piece! Anxiety and Panic disorders plague millions of people, many of whom don’t even know it. This kind of out reach is critical to gaining the recognition it requires to begin recovery. For years I wrote a blog called “” when I was CEO of ALPS Corporation (now retired). The blog focused on the legal community in which depression is a major player. Anxiety plays a big part in planting the seeds for depression. Keep up the good work

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    1. Hi speaking for the legal community here, lol — I think some of that depression is caused by the alcohol abuse that runs rampant. Personally, I started getting full-blown panic attacks at age 17, way before becoming part of that community (though I always knew I wanted to be). It took exercise, breathing techniques, meditation (very similar), yoga, and a couple years of a low level antidepressant, plus too much drinking and my panic went away. I still do exercise, yoga, and meditate but the other stuff is gone and I don’t panic. I’ll always be a high-strung, type- A personality that gets anxious and worries probably too much but I have a decent enough amount of coping skills. In losing the alcohol, I picked up therapy for while. But what I see from the legal community is “isms.” Workaholism and alcoholism.


  2. Excellent post. Anxiety touches all of us in some way. Great idea to create Random Acts of Kindness. I receive messages from every day. The site sends a inspiring message every day. You might find that site interesting too. Doing a vision board with beautiful pictures of all the things you want to accomplish in life is very positive too. Suddenly you have no time to be anxious, because you are focusing on finding things for your vision board. I like the book, “The Secret.” And you are RIGHT, dance and music is powerful too. Here’s to being HAPPY! Dance videos of Pharrell Williams song “Happy” is so funny from all around the world. You have to smile.

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    1. Thank you for the site and the lovely comment! I actually do have a vision board in my room of good memories and my favorite quotes, it really does help! Again, thank you.



      1. That’s great! A vision board is also for things you want to accompllish in the future. For example, I want to write a children’s book. I want to go to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I haven’t been able to go yet, BUT I have the Bologna Children’s Book Fair logo on my vision board as a reminder that “one day” I will go. I look forward to your next Blog! Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I wasn’t totally convinced by this until you brought up dancing as a remedy for anxiety. I didn’t have time to finish reading cause I had Roar by Katy Perry playing a little too loud but I’m sure it’s great lol no but seriously. Let’s get married.

    Can’t wait for Part 2 🙂


  4. Thanks for this. I came across your blog while looking for some tips for ex servicemen (mainly from the old bush wars because there are so few resources specifically for that sector as they were unpopular wars in conservative societies) & I found your information to be honest, unpretentious & useful – Especially for the new generation of ex servicemen. Thanks for posting. I know that PTSD & anxiety are different, but they do often seem to walk hand in hand.


    1. No, thank you so much for this! I’m really happy you used my blog to help you with something like that, you can find the second part to this guide here: if you haven’t looked at it already. Thanks again for leaving a comment on here and I hope the guide continues to help others always. Please let me know if the information helps someone specific 🙂

      Basant She


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