And so the Rambling Begins

Being both socially anxious and an extrovert can be a very odd experience. Though you want to interact with others, it’s pretty unpleasant and difficult. I have experienced this myself since my middle school years. It’s almost like there’s always something I want to express or say but due to fear and constant worry, I never can.

Though I’ve gotten better at controlling all of this since then through my stand up comedy acts and public speaking in high school, it’s still constantly by my side on a daily basis. This blog is just going to be my way of dealing with my anxiety through rambling, which is something I do best.

Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Basant, I’m an eighteen year old girl from Egypt, raised in Saudi Arabia, and currently living in lovely Germany for university. It’s really hard to identify one’s self with all of that going on to be honest. This is actually another one of my reasons for writing this, a feeble attempt at trying to figure myself out. I’m at a certain point where although I know a lot about me as a person, I still manage to surprise myself.

Anyways, back to the introduction. I really enjoy writing, reading novels, being artistic, and making the people around me happy through laughter and random acts of kindness. Back in high school, I was really involved with a lot of activities like Model United Nations, Student Council, and Journalism.They crafted me into the individual I am today and taught me to take risks in everything I do, this is why I decided on going to Germany for my university studies. I wanted a new challenge, a new adventure. 

This blog is going to include anything I want to talk about and any anecdotes I remember. I hope it’s an enriching process for the both of us, cheers!


7 thoughts on “And so the Rambling Begins

  1. keep rambling.
    i know exactly what u mean by “Being both socially anxious and an extrovert can be a very odd experience.”
    have a good german adventure!

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